North Brookfield Savings Bank’s Shares Poverty Awareness and Resources


The growth of poverty in America is no secret. Many Americans find themselves without the basic needs of food, shelter and medical care. The lack of resources provided to under-served Americans is a problem we can all help solve.


Having a good housing situation is the first step out of an impoverished situation. For many Americans the dream of homeownership seems unattainable. Now for a minute, imagine you have to make a decision about your housing, your HOME based on what you can afford. Creating a budget and researching first time home buyer and federal housing resources is a good first step.  For those that cannot afford to buy a home, reviewing the rental rules in your state is a must.
Emergency housing and shelters are available throughout the state for anyone without shelter.
You can help by supporting your local shelters with food, clothing and monetary donations so they can keep doing the good work they do to support our homeless citizens. Visit for more information and resources.


Often times, when tough decisions have to be made about the bills, health is set aside. Low income Americans have a greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other chronic conditions. The increase in risk for this issues, coupled with already poor health contributes to reduced income.
There are many resources for you to find affordable healthcare. Start at the website to view the available options for you and your family.


Creating a true end to poverty will require that individuals have the ability to create real wealth, not just living paycheck to paycheck but actual sustainability. Nearly 70% of adults have less than $1,000 in their savings account. 1/3 of all Americans have no savings at all in the event of an emergency. Programs are available in many areas. Everything from GED help to assistance with Daycare, transportation and much more are available.


These Americans more often than not struggle with opportunity. Many times a job that would help them excel is out of their reach due to lack or education or transportation. For these folks, even when the opportunity is there, it is still out of reach due to the limitations they face each and every day. The MassHire Department of Career Services can assist with providing career guidance as well as referral to jobs and training.


As unfortunate as it is, poverty and violence tend to go hand in hand and thrive in the same ways. The highest rates of violence in the USA can be found in impoverished households. Anyone needing help with violence should reach out to MOVA and get access to their free services.


The statistics regarding crime in America is skyrocketing. Most of which can be found in these neighborhoods, where folks are already disadvantaged. A criminal record means that you are eliminated from services designed to pull you out of poverty. Housing, Job Programs and much more are restricted once you have a criminal record. Here are some resources that can help guide someone who is faced with this obstacle.


Although in the past decade we have made many strides in attempting to reduce or end poverty in our American neighborhoods, it is an uphill battle. Each of us can help.
What can you do to help your local community?