President’s Message

I am honored and humbled to serve the community of North Brookfield Savings Bank. As we continue to live and thrive in this new world, 2021 will be one that will be top of mind for all we have overcome together as we managed through the continued crisis of the pandemic and economic uncertainties. One thing remains true. Together we can persevere if we stay focused and supportive of one another. But that is in the rear view mirror, and although we are reflecting on what mattered in 2021, we are also moving forward to what matters most in 2022, full speed ahead.


As I began my leadership role at North Brookfield Savings Bank, my goal was to ensure a successful transition to the Bank for you, our customers, and our employees. While this is the first leg of our journey together, I believe I have successfully and effectively integrated with the North Brookfield Savings Bank family and community. My overall objective is to make people feel comfortable and empower them to grow and succeed. With this comes success for the organization and our customers. This process has started and will continue with meaningful partnerships in the communities we serve.


This year has been a year of focusing on what matters, and by collaborative leadership and our Core Values of Excellence, Teamwork, Community, Integrity, and Kindness, we have achieved so much. Leading by example, I continue to inspire our teams with a clear vision for the future and excite them to rally around the notion of meaningful relationships with our customers in person and through the digital experience. Together we rolled out new products, increased visibility in the community, created value and efficiencies that will benefit our customers, businesses, and our teams here at the Bank. Additionally, I have successfully built relationships and trust with the Board, the employees, and you, our customers. I pledge that I will be very visible in our community and industry and listen to your needs as we move forward together. I believe it’s the next chapter in the Financial Services Industry, and I have the passion, expertise, and leadership skills to drive our success forward. Over this past year, I have leveraged the success of the past and complemented it with new techniques and energy to carry North Brookfield Savings Bank into the future. 2021 was a successful year we should all be proud of, and 2022 will be a successful year we can all be excited to be a part of.



Our future looks bright, and we are preparing for our next chapter in banking and the exciting evolution of North Brookfield Savings Bank. We are better together and intentionally focused on what matters most, the community, the customer, and the teams at North Brookfield Savings Bank.


Marco F. Bernasconi, Jr.

President & CEO