Community Giving


Since 1854, North Brookfield Savings Bank (NBSB) has grown within the communities it serves and has been committed to improving those communities. North Brookfield Savings Bank recognizes a responsibility consistent with its business objectives to respond to the needs of the communities.

The Bank’s goal is to support organizations or events that achieve a meaningful, positive and broad impact within its market area. The Bank is committed to:

  • Reinvesting in the communities it serves.
  • Being a model of service to those communities by participating in the organizations that fulfill the Bank’s mission.
  • Fully supporting employees and encouraging them to volunteer and be involved in the communities in which they live and work.

Geographic Target

North Brookfield Savings Bank will direct funding priority first to organizations located in and around, and supporting the communities served by our banking offices.

Funding Priorities

North Brookfield Savings Bank will provide funding priority to organizations and activities that achieve its established criteria and are within the geographic target area. Preference is also given to those organizations that serve many in the community over those that serve only select groups within the community.

Generally, financial resources will be focused on the following categories:

  • Educational Programs – Programs that promote education for children and adults; particularly those with a primary focus on financial literacy
  • Low-to-Moderate Level Income Households – Programs for at-risk or low-to-moderate income youth, families, and seniors (including food pantries, youth centers, and senior centers)
  • Low-to-Moderate Income Affordable Housing – Initiatives that support affordable housing for low-to-moderate income individuals
  • Economic Development and Job Development – Programs that support economic development, job establishment and revitalization of the business community
  • Civic, Cultural and Social Initiatives – Initiatives that support improving the quality of life for local citizens and the communities we serve.

Limitations and Restrictions

North Brookfield Savings Bank does not provide support to: individuals, individual scholarships or travel support, religious or ethnic organizations (unless their services or resources are available equally to all other groups), organizations and institutions outside of (or which do not provide service or benefit to) the Bank’s geographic area, beauty/scholarship pageants, political organizations or political candidates, organizations of a controversial nature, fundraising activities relating to individual sponsorship or third party fundraising organizations, or organizations seeking support to cover past operating deficits, travel, conferences, advertising, or undefined operations support.

Types of Contributions

North Brookfield Savings Bank provides support in various ways:

  • Monetary Donations are made to non-profit and not-for-profit organizations. North Brookfield Savings Bank does not receive any tangible benefit (e.g. advertising, entertainment, booth display, etc.) for the contribution.
  • Sponsorships help organizations raise money and may include advertising in event programs, banners or booth displays at events, ticket purchases for fundraising events, etc.
  • Community Service and Volunteering is an important part of showing our support to the communities we serve. North Brookfield Savings Bank employees will frequently volunteer at local events.
  • In-Kind Donations are item donations such as baskets, gift cards, office equipment, coin sets, etc. and are typically donated to an organization seeking an item for a fundraiser auction.

Donation Request & Required Documentation

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