Student Resources

North Brookfield Savings Bank proudly offers a variety of great services and resources for students and schools. You can click on the titles below to learn more about each topic.


Student Banking

We offer great savings and checking account options for kids and teens. All of our student banking accounts encourage students to earning good grades by offering Cash for Good Grades. Our High Five Savings account offers a premium rate* for student savers. Our Teen Checking account is a great option for teens ages 15-18 to continue their journey of learning healthy financial habits.

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North Brookfield Savings Bank and your school are excited to offer your child a chance to start learning positive financial habits at a young age! NBSB’s School Banking program, $UPERHERO $AVERS LEAGUE, has been created to help students learn all about banking and develop healthy savings behaviors for their future.

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Financial Literacy

North Brookfield Savings Bank’s Financial Literacy Program is a comprehensive financial literacy course full of fun, bite-sized lesson plans and useful financial tools. The course is a customizable 5-week program that can be tailored to any age group. NBSB’s Financial Literacy Program covers many topics such as personal finance, the importance of saving, learning about credit, further education, careers, and renting verses owning a home. Overall, this course will give students an opportunity to learn financial lessons that will benefit them for years to come.

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Cash for Good Grades

Students who bank with North Brookfield Savings Bank have the chance to earn money for their hard work in school. The cash for good grades incentive is a maximum of $20.00 per school year, with a maximum of $5 per quarter. To receive cash for good grades, report cards showing a GPA of at least 3.0 or equivalent must be submitted to a North Brookfield Savings Bank branch location. The incentive will be deposited into the student’s account.

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