Core Values

At North Brookfield Savings Bank we believe in values that put the customer first. These tried and true values are what we strive to embody every day and are a core part of what allows us to offer our customers the award winning service they deserve.


Commit to Excellence




We empower others. Elevating and lifting each other up through growth and learning so that we all succeed. Be your best, give your best and help others do their best. We aim for exceptional, not just ordinary.


Embrace Teamwork

We embrace the true power of a team effort. Our work and our results depend on many great minds working together. Each one of us is important and brings something special to the work we do.


Support our Community

We support our community and local businesses by engaging in more meaningful partnerships. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and included. We are the Bank that puts people first.


Act with Integrity

We are proud to be the Bank of choice. A Bank that is made up of and supports honest, hardworking people. We stand on strong moral principles and truly believe in the power of good character, even when no one is looking.


Share Kindness

We believe that the true fundamentals of customer service rely on empathy, fairness and above all, kindness. One small act of kindness can make an overall impact that extends farther than we know.