North Brookfield Savings Bank Named Among the Top Extraordinary Banks in the Nation


North Brookfield Savings Bank, a local North Brookfield icon, was just named among the top extraordinary banks in the United States by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™. NBSB was recognized with the Institute’s Banky™ Award for its commitment to strong community banking. This recognition is given to top community banks across the country to help people find the best banks in their communities.


“At our Bank, we firmly believe that a thriving community is built on providing individuals with the necessary support and resources for success. Our dedication goes beyond simply offering financial services; we strive to make a genuine and lasting impact on people’s lives.” said Kaz Borawski, President & CEO of North Brookfield Savings Bank, “Through innovative community outreach programs, educational initiatives, and responsive lending practices, we empower individuals and local businesses to flourish and positively contribute to the growth of our community. We are honored to have been named an extraordinary institution that uplifts every individual and family within our community by fostering a better future for themselves and their loved ones.”


The Extraordinary Banking™️ Awards emphasize the indispensable contribution community banks have on their communities—how deeply woven into the fabric of the community they are. Their role in elevating the national economy is profound yet often misunderstood. Community banks are the beacon that illuminates their local communities and the pillar of small business success.


Roxanne Emmerich, Chair and Founder of The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™️, proclaimed during the awards ceremony: “Community banks recognize aspirations, dreams, and silent hopes of small businesses and individuals within their communities. The heart and soul of an extraordinary community bank is the visionary blueprint for the community’s success and ability to enact that plan. Those banks were chosen to receive this year’s Banky awards.”