NBSB Warns About Home Warranty Scam

Home Warranty Scam Letters 

Have you received a “Final Notice” letter in the mail recently? Our North Brookfield Savings Bank customers have recently reported receiving letters in the mail urging them to contact a specific company about their property’s home warranty. Often, the letter accompanies a fake check for $199.00. These letters are not only deceptive, but they could also be targeting your personal information. 

A home warranty scam letter may look similar to the example below.

How do the senders get my information? 

North Brookfield Savings Bank does not sell your information to non-affiliated third parties. Some information surrounding the purchase of a home becomes public record within the applicable county’s Registry of Deeds. These public files are then used by home warranty companies to find recent home buyers and target them. Unfortunately, companies like this resort to naming your specific mortgage lender to make the letter appear legitimate. Be cautious when replying to any offer from a company that you have not researched. 

What should I do with a letter like this? 

Since North Brookfield Savings Bank cannot confirm the legitimacy of offers you receive from unaffiliated parties, we recommend discarding letters or offers like these. 

You may get a real person or an automated recording if you call the number listed in the letter. In either case, NEVER give out your personal information. This includes paying for anything up front or over the phone. 

If you are interested in a home warranty program, we strongly encourage you to do thorough research as well as check with the Better Business Bureau for reputable companies. 

As always, you may contact us directly if you are concerned about the origin of any communications that you receive that references North Brookfield Savings Bank. 


Date: July 20th, 2023