NBSB Partners with A Bed For Every Child to give children a place to dream.

NBSB staff work at a charity eventNorth Brookfield Savings Bank (NBSB) has partnered with A Bed for Every Child to bring dreams to reality for local children in need by completing their first ever build a bed project. Together, volunteers worked diligently to construct brand new beds for children who may not have a comfortable place to dream.


A Bed for Every Child is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comfortable, safe and healthy sleeping environments for children who are living in homes without a proper bed. This organization works tirelessly to ensure that every child has the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep, regardless of their family or financial situation. By partnering with A Bed for Every Child, NBSB is committing to investing in the well-being of our community’s children.


NBSB is proud to have partnered with A Bed for Every Child to complete this project and make a difference in the local community. Volunteers came together to build the 10 beds from scratch using high-quality materials. The volunteers’ hard work will provide children with a welcoming and cozy environment to sleep in, helping them feel safe, secure and well-rested. NBSB is always looking for ways to give back to the community, and partnering with A Bed for Every Child was a perfect fit to help make a meaningful impact in the lives of local children. The build a bed project is a testament to NBSB’s commitment to making our community a better and more inclusive place for everyone.


“We feel privileged to have been able to partner with A Bed for Every Child and contribute to their mission of providing comfortable sleeping environments for children in need,” said Nicole Syriac, Marketing and Community Outreach Manager at NBSB. “A good night’s sleep is essential for the health and well-being of children, and we are honored to have been part of this initiative that will help make a positive impact in the lives of local children and their families.”



At A Bed for Every Child, we believe sleep is just as essential as food, water, shelter, and clothing — and that all children deserve space to dream. That’s why, through our hands-on approach to team building, we’re partnering with businesses, schools, and community organizations to build beds for children in need. Launched in 2012, A Bed for Every Child is an initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending homelessness. Learn more here: https://www.abedforeverychild.org/