NBSB Helps You Make Coupons Work for you!

Coupons can be an incredible thing. Often, they are overlooked or disregarded due to the myth that they are a hassle or hard to use. Follow the simple tips in this guide to make those coupons work for you and save money on items you may already buy!

  1. Plan your trip to the store beforehand. Try making your shopping list based on how the store is laid out. Note which items on your list you have coupons for so you can be prepared at checkout. Having an unorganized list can cause you to roam around the store and potentially be tempted to throw extra stuff into your cart that you had no intention of buying.
  2. Be careful not to be lured by coupons meant for sales, which can trick you into buying higher-priced items to apply the coupon but end up spending more.
  3. If you buy the generic brand of food or household items, compare the pricing of the generally cheaper item against your savings when purchasing the name brand.
  4. Reduce the time you spend clipping coupons. Spending too much time looking at coupons can trick you into clipping too many and buying items you didn’t plan on buying solely because you have a coupon. If you are reviewing physical coupons, limit your time reviewing them. Keep your eyes peeled for products you usually buy or want to try.
  5. Set a budget for specific items and stick to it. If you would typically buy the cheaper bread, think twice before buying that $5 a loaf of bread; just because you have a $1 off coupon, you’re still spending $3 more on this item than if you were to buy the generic brand.
  6. Coupons can be digital! Remember that the newspaper and mailed inserts are not the only places to find coupons. Many large companies like Pillsbury have coupons located directly on their website. Many other websites are out there for digital coupons and coupon/promo codes to use with online shopping. Additionally, your receipt from shopping also sometimes contains receipts for items you purchased on that trip and are likely to buy again!
  7. Check to see if your local grocery store has an app. Many local grocers and large chain stores alike offer a free app. Many times, digital coupons can be digitally “clipped” and added to your account so they can be applied at checkout. BigY and Hannaford are excellent examples of local establishments that reward you for putting in a little extra work ahead of that shopping trip.
  8. Match up store sales with your coupons. Sometimes you can double or triple your savings by using a coupon when you purchase an item already on sale in your store.
  9. Coupons are not just for food. You can get coupons and discount codes for everything from cleaning supplies to medication to your pet’s food. Many new browsers like Microsoft Edge have an add-on feature that will search the internet for promo codes and apply them at checkout when shopping online.