NBSB Gives 9 tips to lower your phone bill!


Outrageous phone bills. We all know it happens but were just not sure how it happens. What starts as a deal or promotion can wrap you into a larger commitment.


First: review your bills. Whether you receive this in the mail or electronically, it is likely to have a breakdown of you bill.

Here are some tips to help knock some off that hefty monthly bill.


  1. Use Wi-Fi when you can. If you are on a plan without unlimited data, using Wi-Fi when it is available could save you tons on those overage charges! Wi-Fi is much more available than in the past, do not be afraid to take advantage of it, REMINDER: If you are completing something that is secure online such as checking your online banking or renewing your license, you may want to opt-out of public Wi-Fi. It is much safer to conduct those types of secure transactions on your own secured internet connection.


  1. Sign Up for alerts: if you do not have an unlimited data plan, it may be a clever idea to sign up for alerts. Your carrier will alert you when you are close to your data limit, that could help save you those flat rate charges from the instance you go over your allotted data.



  1. Background data use: Did you know that even when you are not using your data, your background apps are? Many mobile apps to continue to use data even after your done using them. Go into your settings to see what apps can do “in the background.” It is easy to disable this background data usage and take control of how you use your data!


  1. Automatic Payments: Many carriers will give you a discount on your monthly bill for enrolling in auto pay., You are paying your cell phone bill anyway, why not automate the payment? This leaves you with one less thing to worry about and can save you monthly. Check to see if your provider is offering a discount for paperless billing or automatic payments, often they do!


  1. Consider switching to a no-contract carrier: Pay as you go phones have really evolved in the latest years. The same great phones, the same great networks but without those awful contracts that can come with stipulations and cancellations fees. You can still purchase unlimited plans.


  1. Resist the urge to upgrade. People do not keep their phones as long as they used to. Even though technology has increased, it is always being updated. Remember that even though new features keep rolling out, your current phone still works simply fine and has a lot of excellent features too. Resisting the urge to upgrade to the newest, shiniest version may cause your monthly bill to skyrocket.


  1. Stop getting a payment plan for your phone: It sure seems appealing, you could get the newest, greatest phone with nothing out of pocket? Only $30 extra per month? Seems like a great deal considering those new models can be hundreds of dollars. Think of it this way: even $30/month for 2 years, but keep in mind: financing anything means you are paying more than it worth. The “cost” of financing is often much higher, sometimes even double the original purchase price. Another thing to consider, if you are someone who upgrades often or is always guilty of breaking your phone, be remined that if you destroy that shiny expensive phone 1 year into your contract, not only do you need to produce the money for a new phone, but you also need to continue to pay off that old balance on a phone you cannot even use.


  1. Cut out the stuff you do not use: Like we said earlier, look at that breakdown of your cellphone bill. Phones on contract sometimes have a lot of hidden fees that go into that monthly payment. You may want to consider if you are in the right plan or if you could cut back on talk or data in respect to what you need.


  1. Finally, switch carriers. Do your research on carrier options. There may be a cheaper option. Often these carriers make it easy to switch so you can sometimes even keep you same phone or phone number, all for lower cost!