NBSB Celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day


February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day (#RAKDay)! Take some time today to celebrate the small acts of kindness in your life. Whether performing acts of kindness to someone you know, someone you love, a total stranger, or an act of kindness done onto you, it truly causes a ripple effect, causing people to want to perform acts of kindness for others. Random Acts of Kindness can cause Joy, smiles and good faith. Sometimes a small gesture can be what makes someone’s day. More often than not, they turn around and do their own RAK, and it goes on and on!

Kindness is contagious, and always FREE! Receiving that kindness and paying it forward makes a difference in the world. A small gesture can remind others how great it feels to be kind to one another. Don’t underestimate how spreading kindness can affect other’s lives and your own! Start by being kind to yourself and keep that energy going.  It’s easy to undervalue how great it feels to spread kindness in such an uncertain world.

At North Brookfield Savings Bank, We place substantial importance on Kindness by including it as one of our Core Values. We pride ourselves on spreading kindness each day, both in the work place and out. We just wanted to take a minute to recognize and celebrate some of the awesome acts of kindness our staff has recently displayed:


I paid for 5 cars behind me in line at Dunkin Donuts” Also, “I continue to volunteer at the Worcester Animal Rescue League even virtually!  Even our furry friends need some help during COVID.”- Andrea Healy


 “I have recently taken to cleaning my neighborhood. We live near a large store and a lot of trash and other debris is always on my route to work. I make small strides to clean our communities.”- Nicole Syriac


Before I started this job I was unemployed and faced financial difficulties and my friend told me about this free food place regarding lunches for kids so I started going there. My daughter started to have playdates with a friend so I got to know the mother and learned she was a single mother of two children on disability and the father not around. One day I decided to surprise her after I went to the food place and she looked at me eyes wide open. I know I did not contribute to her financially but I grew up with a single mother and understand hard times. She was so happy and I’m glad I was able to take off some of the burden.” – Melissa Kuc


During a recent snow storm Wendy & Tina cleaned off our cars as they were the only ones left in the parking lot. That little act of kindness made our day!”- Linda Cunningham & Pam Kozlik


Andrea sent me flowers on February 4th this was because we had 5 audits and we came through them with no issues.  Which I thought was very nice of her and a random act of kindness.”-Yvonne Little


“One Sunday a few weeks ago I needed to go grocery shopping for our son and his wife because they were both ill, on my way to their house with the groceries (I just dropped them off on the porch for no contact) I noticed a woman walking.  It started snowing out pretty heavy and on my way back home I noticed the same woman still walking.  Something told me that she may need a ride, so I turned around to offer her a ride.  She was an ER nurse at Mary Lane Hospital and didn’t have a ride home that day, she had walked all the way to the State Police Academy in New Braintree when I picked her up and still had 4 miles to go.  She had told herself if a woman stopped to offer her a ride she would take it and she was so thankful that I had stopped because she was starting to get wet from the snow building up on her sweatshirt.  I was glad to help her out and she let me know that I was a Good Samaritan and thanked me for my act of kindness. It’s always nice to help someone in need!”– Renee Jurczyk


Looking for ways to spread kindness? Try one of these simple acts to start you off:

  • Donate Blood
  • Spark conversation with someone that might be lonely
  • Let someone with a few items cut you in line at the store
  • Donate what you can to a local foodbank
  • Hold the door for the person behind you
  • Leave unused coupons at checkout for others
  • Smile at strangers
  • Write a positive review for your favorite local place
  • Return extra shopping carts at the grocery store
  • Ask for donations to an organization in lieu of birthday gifts
  • Let someone have the right away while driving
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn