Camp Putnam Fundraiser returns to North Brookfield Savings Bank

North Brookfield Savings Bank is thrilled to announce that the Camp Putnam fundraiser will return once again during July 2023. The Bank is encouraging their communities to join forces with them to help support local campers this summer. Nestled in the fields and forests of New Braintree, Camp Putnam provides an authentic, nature-based camping experience for children and is made affordable for all families regardless of income.

“It is amazing to see some campers during their first few meals at camp as they realize that there is ‘plenty’ of food. Usually around the second or third day, the overall pace slows down and kids begin to realize that they don’t need to rush, don’t need to save food for later and that there will be plenty of food at this meal and every other.” said Todd Stewart, Executive Camp Director.

Camp Putnam, which spends nearly $40,000 on food per summer, proudly serves campers tasty yet healthy home-cooked and “kid-friendly” meals such as homemade mac and cheese, tacos, Shepherd’s pie, fresh fruits and veggies, pancakes, French toast and more, in a family-style atmosphere.

Stewart continued, “Although it is heartbreaking to realize just how many children come from situations where securing their next meal is a concern, it is a wonderful experience to see over 100 kids, from a wide-range of backgrounds, happily enjoying a delicious meal as one large family before, during, or after a great day experiencing nature in the carefree way all children should be afforded. This is why donations from organizations like North Brookfield Savings Bank and our generous communities are vital and so appreciated.”

Want to know how you can donate? Anyone can make their donation into the designated collection jars displayed along the teller line at any North Brookfield Savings Bank branch location, with branches located in North Brookfield, East Brookfield, West Brookfield, Ware, Belchertown, and Three Rivers.

“North Brookfield Savings Bank is proud to partner with and support organizations like Camp Putnam, whose efforts help aid in the health and happiness of our young, local community members.” said Nicole Syriac, North Brookfield Savings Bank Marketing Manager. “Camp Putnam provides a safe, nurturing, healthy and fun environment for campers to make friends and experience personal growth. We are hopeful that with our support and the benevolent generosity of our community members we will once again reach and exceed our goal to help feed campers well-rounded, nutritious meals.”


About Camp Putnam: Camp Putnam, located on 150 acres of fields and forest in rural New Braintree, has been serving local children for over 65 years. The Camp provides a safe and healthy summer camp experience that is affordable for all families, regardless of income and is camp in the truest sense of the word; a place where kids and staff interact with nature all day, every day. Camp Putnam encourages and promotes emotional, social, intellectual and personal discovery for children in a safe, structured environment. To learn more about Camp Putnam, visit