Beware of FAKE at-home COVID-19 Test Kits

Since the recent surge of the highly contagious Omicron variant, there is certainly an uptick in the need for at-home test kits. Although these have not been widely available in recent months, they have quickly become a necessity in our homes and at our places of business to help slow the spread and make sure ample testing is available for those that need it.

Like anything, with an increase in demand, and possible profit at stake those fraudsters have been hard at work creating FAKE AT-HOME COVID-19 TEST KITS.

With the rise in need, keep your eyes open for these red flags that could mean you have a fake at-home test kit in your hands.

We can’t afford to take a risk with our health and the safety given the level of contagiousness of this new variant combined with high positivity rates in our communities.

The FDA suggests following these steps before buying and using a test kit:

  1. Only buy tests authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA’s website has a list of more than 40 authorized home tests, some of which have age restrictions. You can buy these tests online, at pharmacies and some retail stores.
  2. Check the FDA’s list of fraudulent COVID-19 products to ensure the test kit you’re about to buy, or the company you’re going to buy it from, isn’t on there.
  3. Look at a variety of sellers and compare credible reviews from expert sources like medical professionals or health organizations before making a purchase decision.
  4. The FTC also advised searching on the Internet for the seller of the at-home testing kits along with words like “scam,” “complaint,” or “review” to catch the scammers.
  5. “Using these fake products isn’t just a waste of money, it increases your risk of unknowingly spreading Covid-19 or not getting the appropriate treatment,” the FTC said.
  6. If you choose to buy a testing kit online, use your credit card so you can dispute the charge if you discover it’s a scam.
  7. In addition, you should check if the kit you’re about to buy hasn’t expired.

For more information visit the FDA website : In Vitro Diagnostics EUAs – Antigen Diagnostic Tests for SARS-CoV-2 | FDA

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