Central and Western Massachusetts’ Mass Save® HEAT Loans

How a HEAT Loan Can Help You Make Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Everyone wants to upgrade to energy-efficient HVAC appliances, windows, water heaters, and more. Energy-efficient home improvements can be costly, though. North Brookfield Savings Bank offers the Mass Save® HEAT Loan to homeowners in Central and Western Massachusetts. The HEAT Loan provides zero-interest financing for qualifying energy-efficient home upgrades. HEAT Loans are available for up to $25,000, pending credit approval and other conditions. This loan program also requires a Home Energy Assessment and a final verification inspection after the upgrades are completed. Here, you can learn about the requirements of the Mass Save® HEAT Loan, what upgrades it covers, and how to apply for it online!

What Type of Upgrades Will the Loan Cover?

The Mass Save® HEAT Loan initiative is designed to make it easier to upgrade the parts of your home that impact your energy costs and consumption. These home improvements are a great way to protect the environment and reduce energy costs. The HEAT Loan is more than just a furnace loan or an HVAC loan. It can provide financing to qualifying homeowners for many energy-efficient upgrades, such as:

  • Heating and HVAC systems
  • Residential water heaters and solar hot water heaters
  • Approved Mass Save® attic insulation
  • Approved Mass Save® windows
  • Heat Pumps
  • Central air conditioning
  • Qualified replacement windows
  • Energy-efficient thermostats

Requirements of the Mass Save® HEAT Loan

As with any form of financing, homeowners should know the terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements before applying for the Mass Save® HEAT Loan. The following is not an exhaustive list of such terms and conditions. However, some of the criteria for eligibility in the HEAT Loan Program include:

  • Available to qualified customers in the Mass Save Program
  • The person filing for the loan must be the homeowner
  • Financing is only available for qualifying upgrades
  • You must have a current electrical account (municipal electric customers must have a home heated with natural gas provided by a Mass Save® Program Sponsor)
  • Financing requires loan approval from a participating lender
  • Recording fees required on loans that exceed $15,000
  • The maximum loan amount is $25,000

How Does the Financing Process Work?

Obtaining financing through the Mass Save® HEAT Loan is a process. A member of North Brookfield Savings Bank will gladly walk you through these steps when you apply with us. Homeowners should expect the following steps in the financing process:

  • Step 1 – Apply Online: Fill out the online HEAT Loan application with North Brookfield Savings Bank.
  • Step 2 – Choose a Contractor: Find a qualified contractor for the upgrades and get a signed proposal from them on their company’s official letterhead.
  • Step 3 – Submit Intake Form to Mass Save®: Then, the completed Intake Form is submitted to the HEAT Loan Program Administrator for processing.
  • Step 4 – Secure the Loan: Once approved for the Mass Save® HEAT Loan, you will submit a completed Authorization Form to North Brookfield Savings Bank. You will receive a two-party check payable to you and your contractor if approved.
  • Step 5 – Complete Upgrades: You will sign the two-party check and present it to your contractor as payment. Then, they will perform the specified energy-efficient upgrades.
  • Step 6 – Verification Inspection: After the contractor completes the work, you will call 866-527-SAVE and schedule a required verification inspection to prove the work was completed.

Where Is the Loan Available?

You must own a home in Massachusetts to be eligible. Mass Save® and North Brookfield Savings Bank work with homeowners all across the Massachusetts community to help them get the energy-efficient appliances and features they need. While we work with any and all homeowners in Central and Western Massachusetts, we have locations in the following communities:

  • North Brookfield, Massachusetts
  • East Brookfield, Massachusetts
  • West Brookfield, Massachusetts
  • Ware, Massachusetts
  • Belchertown, Massachusetts
  • Three Rivers, Massachusetts

You Can Start the Application Process Online Now!

At North Brookfield Savings Bank, we believe that energy-efficient upgrades matter, and we want to be part of helping you make them possible. If financing has been holding you back from making upgrades to your home, such as an eco-friendly furnace, windows, or insulation, let us help. While all Mass Save® HEAT Loans are dependent upon approval and specific requirements, our team will help you understand the process. We even make it easier than ever to start the application process by making online applications available. Simply fill out an application online to begin the process of applying for a Mass Save® HEAT Loan through North Brookfield Savings Bank. We’re always here to help.

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This product is offered in partnership with Mass Save®. Customers must meet program requirements to participate. Eligibility for the HEAT Loan Program is based on completing a Home Energy Assessment and pre-approval. Some restrictions apply and offers are subject to change or cancellation. Financing is subject to credit approval. Additional Terms and Conditions apply. Recording fees will be required for loan amounts that exceed $15,000 at borrower’s expense; recording fees total $23.50. Maximum loan amount is $25,000.