President’s Message

To Our Valued Customers & Community Members:

Another year has drawn to a close and as we reflect on 2016 it is rewarding to see a year filled with highlights that contributed to the continued growth of North Brookfield Savings Bank. In 2016, the Bank experienced both loan and deposit growth, finishing the year with over $288 million in assets and capital of just under $35 million, far in excess of regulatory minimums. North Brookfield Savings Bank continues to be a secure, strong and reliable Bauer Financial 5-star rated financial institution and a steadfast community partner, which during this time of banking consolidation ensures the Bank remains on the current path to a bright future.

In order for us to achieve that, we remember that North Brookfield Savings Bank was established with a mission to meet the needs of the local community. Whether financing a home, car, or business, or saving for a child’s education or your retirement, we are able to meet that need.

NBSB is able to handle multi-million dollar loans to area businesses, residential mortgages, construction loans and in 2016 was a participating lender in the Mass Clean Energy Solar Loan program with resounding success. To further make certain that all of our customers’ banking needs are met, we offer conveniently located state-of-the-art branch locations with knowledgeable, experienced staff and a full collection of convenience services and deposit products for all stages of life.

We are constantly striving to bring you even better banking. In 2016, we improved our accessibility and convenience for our customers by introducing our Mobile Banking app with Deposit on the Go Mobile Check Deposit, and the adoption rate exceeded expectations. In addition, we modernized our Palmer branch location to have a more efficient and streamlined design.

As a true community bank, North Brookfield Savings Bank remains focused on delivering exceptional service so we can provide you with banking services and quality products to help you reach your financial goals. The staff at NBSB truly cares about our customers and is committed to exceeding your expectations. When you call us we answer the phone, and when you visit us we know you by name. This traditional approach combined with modern technology is the foundation for NBSB’s sustained growth. I am confident that this balanced way of doing business will further improve customer satisfaction and will allow us to remain competitive by offering innovative banking technologies while staying connected to our customers.

It is easy to see that we simply love our communities, as made evident through North Brookfield Savings Bank’s overall community giving initiatives, in addition to the many generous volunteer hours willingly committed by NBSB employees. We work hard to contribute in various ways to local organizations that directly benefit and make the most impact within our immediate communities.

North Brookfield Savings Bank makes your financial security a top priority. As cyber threats and fraud are becoming more common, we continually improve upon our risk management programs to ensure we have systems to protect our information and to educate our customers on cybersecurity awareness.

North Brookfield Savings Bank has had consistent earnings and growth. While 2016 had many accomplishments we want to highlight, our attention is now heading in the direction of our 2017 goals. The renovation of our West Brookfield branch will bring you a state-of-the-art location and we have upgraded our Bill Pay to include Popmoney®. Our efforts are already underway and our coming decisions will be based on what is best for the long term to ensure a bright future for us all.

Thank you to our customers, communities, employees and the Board of Trustees for your continued support and trust.

Bright past, bright present, bright future,

Donna L. Boulanger
President & Chief Executive Officer



Officers and Corporation Members

Following is a list of our Officers and Corporation Members as of May 1, 2017.


Roland A. Gauthier



Donna L. Boulanger



Kimberly A. Cobb
Jay W. Jil
Patricia A. Ostrout
Anthony J. Piermarini
Donna M. Tiso



Patricia A. Bernard
Richard B. Egan, II
Andrea M. Healy
Cherie E. Morgan



Ann M. Brady
Caitlin E. Burns
Pamela J. Kozlik
Yvonne R. Little
Caitlin M. O’Connor



Cindy Fountain
Adam Gillette
Jennifer Hatt
Warren Izyk
Tonya Morrill



Donna L. Boulanger



Blaise P. Berthiaume
Harold R. Chesson, III
Vincent J. Lucchesi
Elizabeth A. Martinelli
Jeffrey A. Spencer



Thomas C. Baker, III
Donna L. Boulanger
Roland A. Gauthier
Sara Hunt
Gregory C. Kline



Thomas C. Baker, III
Blaise P. Berthiaume
Donna L. Boulanger
Harold R. Chesson, III
Roland A. Gauthier
Sara Hunt
Gregory C. Kline
Vincent J. Lucchesi
Elizabeth A. Martinelli
Tracy R. Opalinski
M. Richard Pluta
Lloyd A. Rice
Jeffrey A. Spencer
Alan R. Varnum



Arthur Allen, Jr.
Harold R. Chesson, Jr.
John R. A. Lofgren
Robert E. Pillsbury



The Trustees and the following:


Mark Adams
Michael Audette
Matthew G. Benvenuti
Damien Berthiaume
Jessica Bettencourt
Richard Bonnayer
Elaine Boone
John Bromage, Jr.
Christine Buzzell
Paul Cranston
Agnes Davis
Kevin M. Donahue
Peter A. Dupell
Norman Gadoury
Richard Greene
William D. Herrick
Priscilla B. Howe
Brenda Howland
Joseph Jannette
Robert LaFlamme
Marc Lamoureux
Andrew Leach, Sr.
John R. A. Lofgren
Ernest Messier, Jr.
Scott Norrie
Richard M. Parsons
Gail Piatek
Edward Reed
James St. Amand
Nancy Salem
David Snay
Michelle Terry
Michael Toomey
Gene R. Varney
Richard Varney
Marc Varnum
Maureen Wesolaski



Matthew C. Benvenuti
Robert Bishop
June Klem
Robert Pillsbury
Louise Woodard