President’s Message

Photo of Donna Boulanger, North Brookfield Savings Bank President and CEO.
Donna L. Boulanger
President & Chief
Executive Officer

To Our Valued Customers

and Community Members,

Serving Customers, Supporting Communities has been the deep-rooted focus of North Brookfield Savings Bank since we opened our doors in 1854. We remain true to the original mission of the Bank by continually making a difference for our customers and in our communities every day.

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by, but North Brookfield Savings Bank continues to grow and 2015 was another successful year. We generated growth in loans and deposits and we remain a well-capitalized bank. The Business Center in Ware was officially opened and now complements our state-of-the-art retail bank branch at that location.

Each year, we continue to enhance our product offerings at NBSB. One of our highlights in 2015 was participating in the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston’s Equity Builder Program, which provides grants to eligible homebuyers with down payment and closing cost assistance. Additionally, the Bank was one of the first to participate in the Mass Clean Energy Solar Loan Program, and the response has been positively overwhelming. In the coming year, we look forward to introducing mobile banking for the convenience of our customers.

Our success reflects the importance we place on making a positive impact on our customers and in our communities. Just as our customers support us, North Brookfield Savings Bank supports our local communities. We believe to be successful all of us must work together and support each other as we meet today’s challenges.

We often hear the phrase “buy local” and at NBSB we embrace that philosophy through our charitable efforts. Our donation and fundraising activities are centered on the local food pantries, fuel assistance agencies, literacy programs and youth programs. In fact, you will see many of them highlighted on our community pages. The Officers and employees of NBSB dedicate many volunteer hours for community outreach. I offer them my sincerest thank you for their passion and commitment to serve our communities.

At NBSB we strive to help our local communities and businesses grow and prosper. We help customers meet their financial goals, whether that is saving for the future, purchasing a home or investment property, refinancing a mortgage, purchasing a car, or funding a business.

I encourage you to visit us at any of our convenient locations. We are here ready to serve you – whether in person, online and soon from your mobile phone. The key difference at North Brookfield Savings Bank is that you are doing business with people you know. We make decisions locally, invest our customer’s deposits locally and we believe in our communities.

I thank you, our customers, our communities, our employees, and the Board of Trustees, for another successful year. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Donna L. Boulanger
President & Chief Executive Officer

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Officers and Corporation Members

Following is a list of our Officers and Corporation Members
of the North Brookfield Savings Bank as of May 2, 2016.


Roland A. Gauthier


Donna L. Boulanger


Margaret I. Carr
Kimberly A. Cobb
Patricia A. Ostrout
Anthony J. Piermarini
Donna M. Tiso


Cynthia G. Ayers
Patricia A. Bernard
John T. Downs
Richard B. Egan, II
Jay W. Jil
Cherie E. Morgan


Caitlin M. O’Connor


Cindy Fountain
Adam Gillette
Jennifer Hatt
Warren Izyk
Tonya Laird


Alan R. Varnum


Blaise P. Berthiaume
Gregory C. Kline
Elizabeth A. Martinelli
Jeffrey A. Spencer
Alan R. Varnum


Thomas C. Baker, III
Donna L. Boulanger
Roland A. Gauthier
Sara Hunt
John R.A. Lofgren


Thomas C. Baker, III
Blaise P. Berthiaume
Donna L. Boulanger
Roland A. Gauthier
Sara Hunt
Gregory C. Kline
John R. A. Lofgren
Elizabeth A. Martinelli
M. Richard Pluta
Lloyd A. Rice
Jeffrey A. Spencer
Alan R. Varnum


Arthur Allen, Jr.
Harold R. Chesson, Jr.
Louis A. Petruzzi, Jr.
Robert E. Pillsbury


The Trustees and the following:

Mark Adams
Michael Audette
Matthew G. Benvenuti
Damien Berthiaume
Jessica Bettencourt
Richard Bonnayer
Elaine Boone
Christine Buzzell
Harold Chesson, III
Paul Cranston
Agnes Davis
Kevin M. Donahue
Peter A. Dupell
Wayne Granat
Richard Greene
William D. Herrick
Priscilla B. Howe
Brenda Howland
Jack Hulmes, Jr.
Joseph Jannette
Robert LaFlamme
Marc Lamoureux
Andrew Leach, Sr.
Vincent J. Lucchesi
John Lukaskiewicz
Ernest Messier, Jr.
Scott Norrie
Tracy Opalinski
Robert Paquet
Richard M. Parsons
Gail Piatek
Edward Reed
James St. Amand
Nancy Salem
David Snay
Michelle Terry
Michael Toomey
Gene R. Varney
Richard Varney
Marc Varnum
Maureen Wesolaski


Matthew C. Benvenuti
Robert Bishop
Claire Bothwell
Harold Chesson, Jr.
Robert Hunt
June Klem
John Krusell
Louis Petruzzi, Jr.
Robert Pillsbury
Louise Woodard