Cybersecurity & Fraud Alerts


We Consider Your Financial Security a Top Priority.

To help protect yourself against fraud, be alert to any suspicious activity on your accounts and inform us if you notice anything out of the ordinary at 866-711-6272.


Security Resources

FDIC Consumer News

FDIC Consumer News provides practical guidance on how to become a smarter, safer user of financial services. Issues and selected articles offer helpful hints, quick tips and common–sense strategies to protect and stretch your hard-earned dollars. Look for this issue and other issues of the FDIC Consumer News by visiting this the FDIC Consumer News webpage.

FDIC Consumer Protection Topics

Learn more about Cybersecurity Awareness Basics and other useful information by visiting the FDIC Consumer Protection Topics website. You will find information and resources to help you make informed decisions about your money and to protect yourself against financial scams and fraud.


FraudWatch® PLUS

Fraud can hit anytime but you’re protected. North Brookfield Savings Bank has a 24 hour fraud monitoring service on all debit cards issued which helps to protect you against debit card fraud. That’s because the debit cards we issue are protected by FraudWatch® PLUS. FraudWatch® PLUS recognizes potentially fraudulent transactions on your debit card and may contact you by phone to verify any suspicious activity. Click to learn more.


Important Notice About ATM/Debit Card Transactions

ATM/Debit card transactions that originate out of the state or country are generally allowed with the exception of the following states and countries. Certain blocks may be specific to a region or merchant or might mean reduced card limits or restricted purchase types. This is in an effort to protect our customers from potential fraud.