Send and receive money person to person

With Popmoney® you can send and receive a FREE standard payment easily and quickly with your checking or savings account. Send money to family and friends, your child at college, a babysitter, pay back a friend, pay rent and more. No more having to write checks or take out cash.


Get started today!

Simply select Popmoney® from your NBSB Mobile Banking app or Online Banking account through Bill Pay.


Send money*:

  1. Send money using the recipient’s name and email, mobile number or account information.
  2. An email or text message is sent to the recipient with instructions on how they can deposit the money into their account. If you use the other person’s bank account information to send a payment, the money will go directly into the bank account you provided, and skip the “accept payment” step.
  3. You receive a notification that the transaction was completed.

Receive money*:

  1. Request money from a person using their email or mobile number.
  2. An email or text message is sent to the person with instructions on how to pay the request.
  3. The money goes automatically into your account you selected when sending the request. Your account information will not be shared with the person you are requesting money from.


Popmoney® FAQs


*A fee will be charged for Next Day Popmoney® transactions. Fees for Next Day transactions are displayed on the Popmoney® screen.