Online & Mobile Banking 101 – The Basics for Beginners (or Pros)

What is Online & Mobile Banking?

Online and Mobile Banking lets you securely log in to manage your accounts through a computer or mobile device. You can perform tasks such as view or manage your accounts, check account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks with your mobile device’s camera, open new accounts, manage budgets, check your account balances and so much more. Mobile Banking apps and bank websites allow customers to stay connected to their finances anywhere there is secure internet.

If you have questions that you need a human to answer, you can reach out to the Bank’s customer service representatives via phone or secure message as well, all through your Online Banking account.


Is Online & Mobile Banking Safe?

Banking sites and apps take numerous steps to keep your money and information safe and secure. Bank websites will encrypt your data to prevent third parties from accessing it and to keep it safe. Mobile Banking apps, like NBSB’s Mobile Banking app, offer two-factor authentication, which requires you to login with your password, as well as answer security questions. On some smartphones mobile banking can be protected with biometric measures, like fingerprints or face recognition, giving you even quicker access to your account information in a completely secure way.

Overall, Online and Mobile Banking can be a very safe option to access your finances anywhere and anytime you need.


What Are the Benefits of Online & Mobile Banking?

In this advanced era of digital banking, the majority of banking services can be done remotely, allowing users to always be in complete control of their finances no matter what time of day it is, or where they may be. In your pajamas on the couch at 11pm clothes shopping online – you can access your accounts to check your balance. In the grocery store checkout line and suddenly have that sinking feeling you may need to make a transfer – go for it!

Making transfers, viewing account balances, transactions, and statement histories, paying bills, budgeting finances, depositing checks with your mobile phone, making loan payments, and controlling your debit card are just some of the great features you can access with Online Banking. Not to leave out the amazing options with North Brookfield Savings Bank’s Online and Mobile Banking that allows customers to open up a new deposit account without stepping foot into a bank. Honestly, the only things you cannot really do with an Online Banking account is deposit or withdraw paper currency – but lucky for us, it means we get to see our customers in person if they visit us for that service!

All in all, Online and Mobile Banking is an excellent and secure way to stay connected to your finances while you manage the rest of your busy life. If you would like to learn more about any of North Brookfield Savings Bank remote banking services such as Online Banking, Mobile Banking or Mobile Check Deposit please contact us at 508-867-1322 and we can arrange an appointment for a Remote Learning Lesson with one of our experts face-to-face or virtually.