NBSB’s Hat Contest Winners are Samuel and Michael Kittredge

Samuel and Michael Kittredge, brothers and winners of the North Brookfield Savings Bank Hat Contest, each won a $50 gift card to Klem’s in Spencer, MA.

As the sizzling August days have come to a close, excitement is felt in the air for students returning back to school and new beginnings on the horizon. Last minute shopping trips are keeping everyone busy as they settle into their new schedules but for the winners of North Brookfield Savings Bank’s Hat Contest the excitement continues, and the shopping, too!

Recently, two local, young residents of North Brookfield, Samuel and Michael Kittredge, were surprised to find out they were the winners of North Brookfield Savings Bank’s Hat Contest. They were later awarded their prize, each receiving their very own $50 gift card to Klem’s for being the contest winner. When asked what they might purchase with their unexpected gift cards, Samuel said he was going to buy chicken wire to use on his farm and Michael was still unsure of what his lucky purchase might be.

Each month, anyone spotted wearing a North Brookfield Savings Bank hat in the community by a Bank representative is entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate to a local establishment. Michael and Samuel were spotted wearing their blue North Brookfield Savings Bank hat by staff at the North Brookfield, Gilbert Street branch location. Later the boys visited again to collect their two $50 gift certificates to Klem’s, a local store in nearby Spencer, MA.

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