NBSB Welcomes a Crowd at Informative Free Medicare Seminar

North Brookfield Savings Bank “Medicare – Countdown to 65” seminar attendees Diane and Roy Chaplin, Betsy Cuddy Martinelli, speaker Sue Flanagan and North Brookfield Savings Bank Senior Vice President of Human Resources Andrea Healy are shown in front of the crowd of attendees before the start of the event.

North Brookfield Savings Bank recently hosted a very successful FREE Medicare information session “Medicare – Countdown to 65” at the Ye Olde Tavern in West Brookfield to assist those approaching Medicare eligibility. The event, which was customized for people over 60 to help them understand their health insurance options outside of their employer-sponsored coverage, drew in a large crowd of over 50 attendees.

Those who attended the seminar listened to an informative, easy to understand, yet concise presentation about the ins and outs of Medicare. The presentation covered Medicare and Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare enrollment timeline, Medigap plans that help supplement Medicare coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, such as HMOs and PROs, Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, and plans and programs available to early retirees, such as COBRA. Delicious complimentary fare and refreshments were served following the presentation.

“We were so pleased with the interest in our “Medicare – Countdown to 65” Seminar. At North Brookfield Savings Bank we will always be there as your banker, but we will also continue to provide learning opportunities and guidance for our customers and community members when it comes to other important life decisions,” said NBSB Senior Vice President/Director of Human Resources Andrea Healy. “The positive feedback received from the attendees was tremendous so we are already planning another seminar for early next year in order to provide ongoing support on the topic.”

North Brookfield Savings Bank will be scheduling an additional Medicare seminar in January of 2020. For those who wish to attend, they can be placed on a list to receive notification of exact dates and details by calling or emailing Andrea Healy at 508-637-7423 or ahealy@banknbsb.com.

Healy continued, “I encourage anyone who is over the age of 60 to reach out to me so we can keep you updated with seminar details. Whether you are planning to retire or not, it is important to understand all of your health insurance options available to you. As a local trusted bank, North Brookfield Savings Bank is happy to offer this free support and guidance.”

NBSB offers learning resources and opportunities to customers, community members and employees as a way to empower them and help them to feel assured in their financial and life decisions. This aligns with the our established core value “Commit to Excellence” which concentrates on elevating and lifting others up through growth and learning for success. In addition, the core value of “Support our Community” encompasses our goal to engage in meaningful partnerships and put people first. These two practiced values that NBSB strives to embody everyday are why we are committed to providing the community with ongoing educational support.