NBSB Kicks Off 2019 School Banking Program at Local Schools

North Brookfield Savings Bank Branch Supervisor and North Brookfield Elementary School Banking Leader Jessica Shimansky with the Principal of North Brookfield Elementary School Sarah Priestley.

North Brookfield Savings Bank believes in giving the youth of their communities every advantage to help them succeed now and in the future. It is never too early for children to learn healthy saving habits, so it is no wonder that North Brookfield Savings Bank is getting the ball rolling in their local communities with financial education for elementary students.

North Brookfield Savings Bank’s $uperhero $avers School Banking Program brings financial education and support directly to the children in their local communities. The Bank’s School Banking Program is a staple at North Brookfield Elementary School, Brookfield Elementary School and East Brookfield Elementary School and is expected to expand into many more local schools. As a part of the program, on scheduled days, school banking leaders from North Brookfield Savings Bank visit the schools to interact with the children, help them to learn the importance of healthy savings habits, and assist them with their deposits.

“The earlier that healthy financial habits are introduced to a young person, the more likely they are going to continue those positive habits into their adult life,” said Patty Ostrout, North Brookfield Savings Bank Senior Vice President of Retail Banking. “North Brookfield Savings Bank is so happy to be able to support our communities and invest in the education of our children through our School Banking Program, and help to get them started on the path to financial success.”

NBSB encourages all children to become $uperhero $avers and participate in their School Banking days. By visiting their School Banking table on the scheduled School Banking days all children can receive a colorful $uperhero $avers League Stamp Card. The cards are intended to encourage positive saving behaviors, with the young bankers receiving a stamp each time they make a deposit. Once they receive 5 stamps they can turn in their card to choose a special prize. Children also have a chance to win a monthly drawing which reminds them to visit the table with their deposits.

“I love doing school banking and visiting with the children at East Brookfield Elementary School. They are so eager to learn and we are happy to help them achieve financial success,” said Renee Jurczyk, East Brookfield Assistant Branch Manager and East Brookfield Elementary School Banking Leader. “We’ve found that the stamp card excites the students and makes them want to continue to deposit their money. They feel proud when they’ve earn their prize and along the way are provided with the opportunity to make real-life financial decisions.”

Now it is a couple months into school banking and the $uperhero $avers Program is proving to be popular with an increase in student interest and involvement.

Principal of North Brookfield Elementary School, Sarah Priestley, was excited to introduce the program into the school’s curriculum, “North Brookfield Elementary School is excited to offer NBSB’s School Banking Program at our school. Giving students a chance to learn the importance of saving at an early age gives them an advantage that will serve them later in life,” she said. “School banking empowers kids to learn about money, apply real world math skills, and introduces them to the concept of financial literacy and responsibility. NBES is thrilled to partner with North Brookfield Savings Bank, a steadfast supporter of education in our town, to provide this opportunity to our students.”