NBSB is Proud to Announce the Recent Promotion of Five Bank Employees

(Top Row, L to R) Meagan Brousseau Branch Manager, Joseph Ribeiro Assistant Branch Manager, Jessica Shimansky Assistant Branch Manager
(Bottom Row, L to R) Hayley Sprague Loan Servicing Representative, Kyle Leonard Assistant IT Manager.

North Brookfield Savings Bank is proud to announce the recent promotion of Bank employees, Meagan Brousseau, Joseph Ribeiro, Jessica Shimansky, Hayley Sprague, and Kyle Leonard, who have continuously displayed their commitment to the customers, communities, and the overall success of the Bank.


“We are so happy to announce these well-deserved promotions and to have Meagan, Joseph, Jessica, Hayley, and Kyle, as a part of the North Brookfield Savings Bank team,” said North Brookfield Savings Bank President and CEO Donna Boulanger. “I know that as they continue to grow within the Bank their support and commitment to our communities and values shall continue as well.”


Meagan Brousseau, of East Brookfield, has been promoted to Branch Manager and will be based out of the Bank’s West Brookfield Branch location at 128 West Main Street. She previously held the role of Assistant Branch Manager with the Bank.

In her new role, Brousseau will be responsible for managing the day to day operations of the branch, overseeing the teller line, scheduling, account openings, and inputting loan applications. She has worked in banking for over 19 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to customer service into her new position. Brousseau enjoys volunteering at many community events such as, are the Asparagus Festival in West Brookfield, the Apple Country Fair in Brookfield, and the East Brookfield Fire Department Meat Raffle.

“I am excited to continue building relationships with the wonderful customers that come to the West Brookfield branch,” said North Brookfield Savings Bank Branch Manager Meagan Brousseau, “I look forward to being able to continue to provide the best customer service possible for our customers and to continue to offer support to the local communities.”


Joseph Ribeiro, of Ludlow, has been promoted to the role of Assistant Branch Manager, IRA Specialist & Bank Security Officer. He will be primarily based out of the Bank’s North Brookfield branch at 9 Gilbert Street. He previously held the role of Supervisor, IRA Specialist & Bank Security Officer. Where his responsibilities included overseeing all of the Bank’s IRA accounts and any transactions processed through them, as well as opening and closing the branch, overseeing tellers and their work, and serving with customers on a day to day basis.

In his new role, Ribeiro will be responsible for all of his previous duties as well as processing account openings and assisting Branch Management. Ribeiro holds a Fundamentals of Banking Certificate from the New England College of Business and has extensive experience in customer-facing positions that included the handling and processing of monetary transactions in addition to his 3 years with the Bank.

“The biggest thing I am looking forward to is the experience and knowledge I will gain from my new responsibilities. The knowledge and experience will help me grow in my current position as well as any other positions I pursue,” said North Brookfield Savings Bank Assistant Branch Manager Joseph Ribeiro, “My main goals for this new position are to work toward becoming a Branch Manager, as well as, continuing to  expand my knowledge regarding my IRA Specialist and Bank Security Officer roles.”


Jessica Shimansky, of Brookfield, has been promoted to the role of Assistant Branch Manager. She will primarily be based out of the Bank’s East Brookfield Branch at 100 West Main Street. She previously held the role of Supervisor where she was responsible for resetting online banking, customer check ordering, opening accounts, and opening or closing the branch.

In her new role, Shimansky will continue to be responsible for all of her previous duties as well as, assisting customers with any issues in banking, managing the branches daily needs, opening consumer and business accounts, reviewing business account folders for proper documentation, loan applications, and producing instant issue debit cards. Shimansky has over a decade of strong experience in customer service and administration in addition to her 5 years with the Bank.

“I am looking forward to continuing to grow and increase my knowledge of the banking field,” said North Brookfield Savings Bank Assistant Branch Manager Jessica Shimansky, “As I do, I hope to take on more loans that come into the branch and be able to better serves our customers. I am also eager to volunteer more in the community when we are able to do so again.”


Hayley Sprague, of Three Rivers, has been promoted to the role of Loan Servicing Representative. She previously held the role of Supervisor where she was responsible for ensuring excellent customer service with all transactions and working with customers to resolve any issues that may have come up in their banking experiences. She was also responsible in conjunction with the branch manager, for daily ATM and Vault balancing, cash ordering, and taking on consumer loans.

In her new role, Sprague will be responsible for the servicing loans in both filing hard copies and maintaining the files electronically, as well as, providing excellent customer service and embodying NBSB’s core values. Sprague holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Education from UMASS Amherst.

“I am excited to learn how everything works behind the scenes in the back office after being on the teller lines for the last year and a half as well as gaining a better understanding on the workings of servicing loans.,” said North Brookfield Savings Bank Loan Servicing Representative Hayley Sprague. “My new goals for this position are to learn as much as possible through trainings and my loan team members while providing excellent customer service for our customers.”


Kyle Leonard, of Spencer, has been promoted to the role of Assistant IT Manager. He previously held the role of IT Security Analyst I where he was responsible for Administering user access changes, security controls, configurations and providing user assistance with any login or password issue. As well as, reviewing daily security reports and findings and providing appropriate documentation on any reported issues or configuration changes.

In his new role, Leonard will be responsible for vulnerability and risk management, vendor management, quarterly access reviews, security awareness training, in addition to all of previous responsibilities. Leonard is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Information technology with a focus in IT Management and is expecting to graduate in December 2021. He has 5 years of previous experience in IT security and support with the U.S. Army and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

“I am looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities I am able to take on, looking for any way I can increase my current responsibilities to better help the IT department and the Bank as a whole,” said North Brookfield Savings Bank Assistant IT Manager Kyle Leonard, “A continuous goal for myself is to continue to adapt to the constant changes the IT field brings and allow myself to be an channel for those outside the department to help them understand a problem that may require ITs involvement. Another goal of mine is to become an educator of IT. I hope to provide great information in easy terms of understanding that non-IT members comprehend so they can learn from IT issues and help to prevent any issues in the future by being prepared.”