NBSB Donates $500 to Angels & Backpacks Program

Caitlin O’Connor (right), North Brookfield Savings Bank Assistant Vice President and Marketing Manager presented the $500 donation to Angels Answer, Inc. / Angels & Backpacks Program Executive Director Linda Lloyd and Vice President Dana Lloyd.

North Brookfield Savings Bank is pleased to announce that for the fourth year they have donated $500 to the Angels & Backpacks Program, a program held through the Angels Answer, Inc. organization that is dedicated to providing local school children in need with food bags each weekend.

“North Brookfield Savings Bank places a high importance on supporting the children of our local communities to have the best chances for a bright and strong future. Each child deserves the opportunity to live a life that is not distracted by hunger or concern about where there next meal will come from,” said North Brookfield Savings Bank Senior Vice President of Retail Banking Patty Ostrout. “That is why North Brookfield Savings Bank is proud to support the Angels and Backpacks Program through this vital organization and support their mission of ensuring local children in need are not going hungry.”

Angels Answer, Inc., a nonprofit organization, currently distributes bags each weekend to many children attending local schools through the important Angels & Backpacks program. The program assists low-income children by providing them with the essential three meals for each Saturday and Sunday, as well as the necessary monthly toiletry items. In addition, items such as clothing, hats, gloves, mittens and scarves are provided as needed. More than 100 food items are offered each weekend, with each bag totaling $10 each. Food includes tuna, chicken, salmon, ravioli, mac and cheese cups, pasta, soups, cereals, granola bars, fruit cups and many others. Food donations are accepted at the Turley Publications office located 80 Main Street in Ware.

“It is difficult for children to concentrate in school when they are hungry but by providing nutritious meals for these children each weekend they improve as students and have greater academic success in school,” said Angels Answer, Inc./Angels & Backpacks Program Executive Director Linda S. Lloyd. “We are thankful for North Brookfield Savings Bank’s support and commitment to this organization and to our local children facing food insecurity.”