North Brookfield Savings Bank Helps Collect American Flags for Retirement


The American flag is a symbol not just of the country. But of the freedom, the rights and the abilities we possess as Americans.

Many Americans proudly display their flags for Flag Day, Independence Day, or even year round. However, there comes a time when these flags have served their duty and are considered unserviceable. That is often when the flag has tears, rips, or is quite worn. It then becomes time to put them to rest with a proper retirement.

It wasn’t until 1937 that a resolution was passed by the American Legion stating that unserviceable flags should be destroyed by burning in an official Flag Retirement Ceremony. Many think that burning the flag is un-American. However, if repairs are not able to be made to the item it is deemed that the U.S. Flag is a sacred symbol and must be handled in a specific way. This is why you can’t simply burn your own worn out flags at home.

North Brookfield Savings Bank, located at 40 Main Street in Ware will be hosting a collection bin for these flags outside the branch location from Mid-April through May.

Please feel free to bring in any American Flags for retirement. Ware Boy Scout Troop #281, led by Dan Flynn holds the largest non-city flag burning ceremony in the Commonwealth, retiring between 4,000-5,000 flags each year.

The Flag Burning Ceremony will be a public event in 2021 held on June 13th at the American Legion Hall on Maple St. in Ware.