North Brookfield Savings Bank Celebrates Read Across America Day


What is literacy? A human right, a tool of personal empowerment and a means for social and human development. Most every single task in our daily lives require some level of literacy. Never underestimate the power of using literacy skills to observe, learn & take action. Using the ability to read and write to understand and communicate with the world around you is a vital part of all our lives.


Digital Literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create and communicate information. This is not to skip the original steps of literacy such as reading and writing, instead these are used as building blocks. Although it is very important for Americans to have every advantage, it will be tough to reach one’s full potential without the very important Early Literacy Building Blocks to produce digital literacy skills. On the contrary, Digital Literacy is certainly not REPLACING the original knowledge we all know and use every day but using different types of media and tools to increase the rate of learning and retention of that information. This allows different students to learn the same content different ways.


Culturally Relevant Teaching is a new process of using association methods to encourage students to relate course content to his or her cultural context. It is through that there is a much better chance of retention of these skills when applied to their personal/cultural lives. When these students use the technology that works best for them and can make the content as culturally relevant as possible, it can help them put these lessons into practice within real-life scenarios.

There are many benefits to possessing strong literacy skills. These skills are invaluable each and every day. Writing a resume to using written directions to complete a task, these are just a few everyday responsibilities that require strong literacy skills. In addition, these skills can help create a strong and concrete basis in which to build upon other skills as an essential aspect of career advancement and success.


Here are just a few ways that Literacy impacts our lives in a positive way;

  • Literacy enriches an individual’s life by creating opportunity to develop skills that will help provide for themselves or their family.
  • Literacy helps develop the wider community. Over generations, more and more woman and minorities have been able to gain self-esteem and raised self-expectations.
  • A higher literacy rate on a large scale can increase the standard of living for some. More people in specific areas that are literate result in a higher production rate, including more skillsets, enabling more growth to take place over less time.
  • Girls and women that are literate and able to educate themselves on health issues have a higher likelihood to succeed in many aspects of their life, especially parenting. Infant mortality rates drop 9% by each year of education attained. Women with primary education and even secondary school end up with an >18% higher chance of a healthy infant that will survive their childhood.


At North Brookfield Savings Bank we recognize the importance of Early, Digital & Cultural Literacy Skills to develop well-rounded individuals, whose knowledge can be applied in different ways to learn new skills or excel in current skills. We find that Emotionally, Socially and economically the impact on those who have strong literacy skills typically starts them off in the right direction to find and excel at their passion.