NBSB Supports NB Hearts for Heat with a $2,000 Donation

Michelle Petraitis of the North Brookfield Chapter of Hearts for Heat with donation items from the North Brookfield Savings Bank Coat, Hat & Mitten Drive.


Thanks to the work of the North Brookfield Chapter of Hearts for Heat and a donation from North Brookfield Savings Bank, many residents didn’t have to endure another New England winter without heat. North Brookfield Savings Bank is continuing their support of a vital, longtime community partner, the North Brookfield Chapter of Hearts for Heat.


Not only has North Brookfield Savings Bank recently made their annual $2,000 matching donation to help North Brookfield residents stay warm during cold winter months, but the Bank also partnered with Hearts for Heat by sponsoring a Hat, Coat & Mitten Drive to benefit the organization. All donations will directly support the North Brookfield Chapter of Hearts for Heat, a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to confidentially providing payments for fuel; including oil, gas, and wood, to North Brookfield residents on a fixed income, including the elderly, those who are disabled or sick, and unemployed or underemployed individuals and families.


“North Brookfield Hearts for Heat is most grateful for the yearly matching donation of $2,000; this generous contribution makes a significant difference in our ability to help residents with emergency fuel assistance. Having NBSB pledge to match contributions also creates an extra incentive to residents because their gift will have a greater impact,” said Sue Lewandowski, Founder & President of the North Brookfield Chapter of Hearts for Heat. “Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, citizens and businesses from North Brookfield and surrounding communities have been amazingly charitable. We continue to be most grateful for all of North Brookfield Saving’s Bank’s support.”


“North Brookfield Savings Bank is proud to continue our partnership with the Hearts for Heat North Brookfield Chapter and to help our local neighbors to stay warm,” said Donna Boulanger, North Brookfield Savings Bank President and CEO. “It is an unfortunate truth that many people struggle to afford their fuel payments, often having to make the difficult choice between heating their homes, feeding their family, or other important needs. Every donation received, no matter what amount, will help local residents of North Brookfield.”


North Brookfield Savings Bank is committed to supporting their local communities and knows that just one small act of kindness can extend beyond the initial deed. The “Hat, Coat & Mitten Drive” efforts align with the Bank’s established Core Values of “Support Our Communities” and “Share Kindness” and will help bring comfort and peace to local residents. Now more than ever we must support our communities to ensure our citizens are taken care of.  North Brookfield Savings Bank is proud to be that partner not just now but for years to come.


For more information about Hearts for Heat or to donate, visit www.HeartsForHeat.org.