NBSB Proudly Congratulates Patty Ostrout as a New England Women in Banking 2020 Winner

Patty Ostrout, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking was a 2020 New England Women in Banking winner, along with 12 other female bankers.


North Brookfield Savings Bank is very proud to announce that Patty Ostrout, NBSB Senior Vice President of Retail Banking, has been named a 2020 New England Woman in Banking winner.


Each year Banking New England awards the New England Women in Banking awards to the women that have shown the strength of their accomplishments and are considered female trailblazers in the banking industry. Ostrout was chosen as a 2020 recipient of the award from a remarkable collection of nominees, with the final list consisting of only 13 winners total.


“I am completely honored to be recognized for my accomplishments and dedication,” said Patty Ostrout, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking, “I have had many wonderful experiences throughout my 34-year banking career and this is certainly one of them. I am abundantly grateful for many mentors who have guided me, the colleagues who have supported me, the customers who have placed their trust in me as their banker, and the communities who have embraced me throughout the years.  Thank you to Banking New England and their staff for the recognition.”


It is people like Patty that help our communities grow and prosper.  Her attitude and loyalty to her values and her commitment to excellence in herself and others is contagious and noteworthy; Patty gives back and expects nothing in return. It is this unique dedication to her work, colleagues, and community, along with her genuine investment in the customers we serve that made Patty an ideal nominee and New England Woman in Banking winner.


She serves as a committee member of the Bank’s Community Reinvestment Committee which aims to respond to the local needs of the communities, having a meaningful, positive and broad impact within the local area. She also serves as a board member for Camp Putnam, which provides an authentic, nature-based camping experience for children from all backgrounds.  Patty is instrumental in championing local organizations that need the Bank’s assistance and she continually speaks up on their behalf.  She shares not only their mission but also their passion for the good work they do that further supports the communities she lives and works in.


Patty can be found mentoring students at the BAAM Business Workshop at the North Brookfield Elementary School, speaking to students about internship opportunities, and volunteering at many community events throughout local neighborhoods Through the BAAM program, she mentors young students on how to start a business, create and manage a budget and market themselves for maximum results.


Patty is also responsible for managing a comprehensive 5-week Financial Literacy Course to local high schools and elementary schools, as well as an in-depth program aimed at protecting older community members from Identity Theft, Fraud, and Scams. Each which provides community members with the tools they need to protect themselves and their families from risk and set themselves up for financial success.


“We are so proud of Patty for this great achievement. There is no one who is more deserving of the recognition,” said North Brookfield Savings Bank President and CEO, Donna Boulanger, “Patty is a terrific and thoughtful leader who illustrates how everyone should care for their community and support their teams. She leads by example and inspires all of her colleagues at North Brookfield Savings Bank every day to do the same.”


To learn more about the 2020 New England Women in Banking winners, or to read Patty Ostrout’s full profile, visit here.