NBSB Issues High-Tech Chip Debit Cards for Added Customer Security

EMV Chip GraphicIn order to increase customer security when using its debit cards, North Brookfield Savings Bank has begun issuing debit cards with embedded computer chips called EMV chips.

Across the country, a transition to EMV chip cards began in October 2015, encouraging merchants and financial institutions countrywide to deploy the new cards. An extremely significant improvement in customer security, the EMV chip works by creating a one-time transaction code that makes it nearly impossible for hackers to successfully counterfeit cards, even with access to other card information.

North Brookfield Savings Bank President and CEO Donna Boulanger stressed that the Bank will gladly go the extra mile for its customers, at no cost to them, to provide the highest level of service and protection.

“Customer security is the number one priority at our Bank,” Boulanger said. “By issuing debit cards with EMV chips, we’re decreasing the risk of counterfeit and fraud, and our customers will have peace of mind knowing they’ll be as safe and secure as possible.”

North Brookfield Savings Bank is at the forefront in the implementation of the new technology, thoroughly guiding not only the Bank’s personal customers, but its business customers, as well, through this shift. While businesses must add new in-store technology and internal processing systems that help protect their customer’s data, North Brookfield Savings Bank customers can still use their debit cards just as they always have, still receiving zero-liability protection from the Bank, but now with an inherent layer of added protection.