NBSB Celebrates World Emoji Day

We have certainly grown from the days of black and white phone screens on our flip phones. Today we have many methods of communication as well as tools for communication. From Emojis, to GIFs and memes, there are endless ways to express ourselves without using words at all.

Today we recognize the evolution of what we call emojis today and how they can to be.

Fun Fact: The Oxford’s Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2015 was the “😂” emoji.


Emoji Evolution Timeline:

  • 1862: “The New York Times” is responsible for the first use of an emoticon — ‘:)’ — when they misprint a transcribed copy of President Abraham Lincoln’s speech.


  • 1881: The first intentional use of emoticons is published by the American satirical magazine “Puck.”


  • 1997: AIM introduces its Buddy Icons, small images or icons conveying feelings.


  • 1999: Emojis are Created, the first emoji is created by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita.


  • 2010: Unicode adopts emojis, adding new ones such as cat faces.


  • 2014: 198 flags are added to the emoji selection.