NBSB Celebrates National Dog Day by Recognizing NBSB’s Dog Assistants

At North Brookfield Savings Bank our furry four-legged assistants are who really keep the show going. The support and love they share with us is what keeps us grounded and their companionship carries us through challenging days. North Brookfield Savings Bank employees love their animal counterparts and all the positivity they bring to their lives.

That is why on International Dog Day we are happy to celebrate our North Brookfield Savings Bank doggy assistants for always supporting and loving their humans and spreading happiness. It is partly because of their abundance of love that our employees show up every day with a smile and are willing to go above and beyond in every aspect of their lives.

National Dog Day celebrates all dogs and aims to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and acknowledges family dogs, along with dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring us comfort. Dogs work hard for us, from helping the disabled, to being a part of first-responder teams, and by making sure we’re loved unconditionally.

Here are some of the fantastically hard-working, and hard-napping, assistants we have at the bank:

Retail Assistants 

Below left to right: Elam Sprague, Woody Ostrout, Tucker Forte
Elam Jimmy Tucker

Below left to right: Izzy Ostrout, Roman Lacaire, Piper & Toby Brown
Izzy Roman Piper and Toby

Below left to right: Moxie Jurczyk, Sox Gustafson, Oscar Kilbourn

Elam Sox Oscar

Compliance Assistants 

Below left to right: Sasha, Sadie & Pepper Bernard

Sahsa, Sadie, and Pepper

Information Technology Assistants 

Below left to right: Rosie Jil and Leo Leonard
Rosie Leo

Loan Servicing Assistants 

Below left to right: Lucy Hammond, Harper & Finley Hatt
Lucy Harper and Finley

Mortgage Center Assistants 

Below: Kaizer Terlalis


Marketing Assistants

Below left to right: Bear Healy and Jasmine Syriac

Bear Jaz


So today, thank your furry friend and let’s celebrate all that dogs do for us. If you are considering adopting a pet you can visit the ASPCA website to find a shelter near you. Plus, if you’re interested in getting a four-legged assistant of your very own check out our article “Pet Budgeting – Planning and Managing Expenses for Your Pets”

As well as, check out our Life Goals Savings accounts, designed specifically to help you save for and reach your goals. Perfect for saving up for a furry friend.