Mobile Banking Video Transcript

Mobile app walkthrough Video Transcript:

00:03 “North Brookfield Savings Bank. Mobile app walkthrough. We’re here to help.”

00:12 “Sign in to your NBSB account, use touch and face id to log in even quicker.”

00:15 “You can also”

00:18 “Sign up for digital banking”

00:20 “Reset your password”

00:21 “View our privacy statement”

00:24 “Or apply for a loan in just minutes”

00:30 “On the accounts page you can check current and available balances for all of your accounts.”

00:38 “Just tap to get more details for a specific account. Each account lists detailed transactions by month.”

00:51 “You can access the menu on any page. Just tap the icon in the right corner or swipe left.”

01:05 “From the menu you can.”

01:07 “Access your accounts”

01:10 “Open a new account”

01:14 “Deposit a check”

01:16 “Pay and organize bills”

01:20 “Transfer funds between accounts”

01:23 “Make budgets and track funds”

01:25 “Contact a banker”

01:28 “View account statements

01:30 “See more mobile features”

01:32 “And apply for a loan.”

01:42 “Mobile check deposit is easy. With just a phone camera you can securely deposit a check.”

01:49 “To do so”

01:51 “Pick an account to deposit into”

01:55 “Enter the dollar amount of the check”

01:58 “Endorse and write ‘for mobile deposit only NBSB’ on the back of the check”

02:08 “Take a picture of the front and back of the check”

02:11 “And you’re all set. Click to make the deposit.”

02:26 “With Billpay you can automate your bill payments”

02:37 “It’s safe, secure, and simple”

02:41 “you’ll first need to accept the terms of service”

02:51 “Tap pay bills to continue”

02:57 “Now that you’re in bill pay, you can”

03:00 “Select an existing payee”

03:05 “Add a new payee”

03:09 “or view your payment activity”

03:14 “Let’s select one of our existing payees”

03:20 “First, choose a checking account to pay from”

03:23 “Enter the dollar amount you’d like to pay”

03:27 “Choose when you’d like the payment to happen”

03:31 “Tap ‘pay’ to complete your bill payment.”

03:46 “Easily move money between your NBSB accounts”

03:50  “the process is simple.”

03:54 “First, choose an account to withdraw funds from”

03:59 “Then, choose an account to deposit into”

04:02 “Enter the amount you would like to transfer”

04:06 “Set the transfer to occur now or at a later date”

04:09 “Add an optional description”

04:13 “And you’re all done. Tap submit to complete.”

04:26 “Existing customers can securely open new accounts at any time”

04:35 “Open a new NBSB Savings, checking, money market, or cd account”

04:43 “Couldn’t finish an application? You can pick up where you left off at anytime”

04:52 “When opening a new account you can optionally add a joint owner”

04:57 “Today we’ll just open an account with a single owner”

05:03 “You’ll need to select what kind of account you want, savings, checking, or time deposit”

05:09 “Then, choose from the great variety of account options NBSB offers”

05:14 “This is when you can add a nickname to your account to help keep yourself organized”

05:23 “Next, decide if you want a debit card for your account.”

05:27 “You can always add one later if needed. But for now, let’s say yes.”

05:36 “You will need to put funds into your new account. To do so you’ll have to transfer from one of your NBSB accounts”

05:43 “Enter the amount you wish to move to your new account. Keep in mind that each account has minimum funds that are required.”

05:54 “Next, you’ll need to accept our Disclosures and agreements”

05:57 “Such as, e-signatures and electronic disclosure”

06:00 “Combined account disclosure”

06:07 “and consumer deposit account fee schedule”

06:11 “Once your disclosures are accepted, you’ll move on to verifying your account information.”

06:18 “This is the information and options you’ve selected throughout the account opening process”

06:25 “Once you’ve ensured that the information is correct, tap ‘confirm and submit’”

06:35 “You’ll see this confirmation screen and you’re done, you’ve successfully opened a new NBSB account.”

06:47 “Easily manage your finances. See all income and expenses all in one place. Even set budgets to keep you on track.

06:57 “Pick a month to view its breakdown”

07:01 “Under ‘totals’ see a quick summary of all income and expenses”

07:05 “Under ‘expenses’ see a more detailed breakdown of the month’s spending”

07:09 “And under ‘income’ see a more detailed breakdown of the month’s earnings”

07:14 “Let’s take a closer look at income”

07:19 “this section is organized by month”

07:25 “And you can go even further to see the specific charges or deposits that make up a category”

07:30 “You can set budgets for each category and get alerts when you go over spending or meet your goals”

07:40 “We’re here to help. If you have a problem or a question you can reach out by phone or message”

07:48 “Let’s send a message”

07:51 “First, add a subject line”

07:55 “Select a category that fits what your message is about”

07:58 “If your message is about your accounts select one”

08:02 “Type out your message”

08:06 “Optionally, be alerted when you get a response”

08:10 “And that’s it.”

08:14 “In mobile services you’ll find great features that help you stay connected and on the go”

08:20 “Turn your NBSB card on or off

08:23 “Access forms like travel notices, debit card replacement, and more”

08:27 “Update your user ID, password, or security questions”

08:30 “Place stop payments on checks and view your stop payment history”

08:33 “Manage fingerprint and facial recognition logins”

08:36 “Manage what accounts appear in fast balances on the sign in screen”

08:39 “And control and create a variety of alerts and notifications”

08:45 “North Brookfield Savings Bank.”

08:46 “We’re here to help”

08:47 “Download the app today! On google play and the app store.”

“Member FDIC.  Member DIF.  All deposits insured in full. Equal Housing Lender.”