Financial Literacy

North Brookfield Savings Bank’s Financial Literacy Program is a comprehensive financial literacy course full of fun, bite-sized lesson plans and useful financial tools. The course is a customizable 5-week program that can be tailored to any age group. Overall, this course will give students an opportunity to learn financial lessons that will benefit them for years to come.


NBSB’s Financial Literacy Program covers many great and helpful topics. Below are are just a few of the topics we can cover in our programs:


  • Personal Finance
    Students will discuss the importance of taking control of your personal finances by learning about types of financial accounts, creating a budget and managing their money by setting goals and planning.


  • Importance of Saving
    Students will learn the importance of saving, how interest works, about different types of savings accounts, how and where they can save, how to set short‐term and long‐term savings goals, and why saving is so important. They will also learn about how to spot and avoid identity theft.


  • Learning about Credit
    Students will learn how to understand their credit score and about credit reports, what actions will positively and negatively affect their credit score and why it is important to have a good credit score for future life goals. They will also learn about predatory lending and credit card responsibility.


  • Further Education
    Students will learn about further education options, financial aid, careers, employment, paychecks, payroll deductions and benefits through their employer.


Don’t have an NBSB Financial Literacy Program at your school? We would love to partner with our local schools to equip every student with a strong financial education. If you’re a student or are a parent/guardian of a student in our local communities reach out to your school representatives to let them know you’d like to see our program in your school. If you’re a school representative Contact Us today and get the process of having a NBSB Financial Literacy program in your school started.