Digital Learning Videos

These helpful digital service video tutorials will help you to learn more about the various digital services available through North Brookfield Savings Bank that can make your life easier!


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Mobile Banking app Video Transcript


Demo "play" iconOnline Banking Overview

There is so much you can do with your North Brookfield Savings Bank Online Banking account. Watch this short 3 minute video to make sure you are taking advantage of all it has to offer. Learn how to view your account information, make quick transfers, access quick links, customize your modules, how you can pay your bills from one convenient screen, make loan payments, and how to access the service center for many self-service options.


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Bill Pay Overview

Watch this short video to learn all about the easy, fast and secure way to pay all of your bills in one place. Bill Pay is a great way to manage your payments and group similar payments into categories to stay organized. Choose to receive eBills online instead of through the mail. They are green convenient, secure and easy to manage. Utilize the automatic payment feature to make your life easier and you can always access you bill pay history right at your finger tips.


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Making a Transfer

With North Brookfield Savings Bank Online Banking you can quickly and easily transfer funds to and from accounts. Transfers can be schedule to occur immediately, future-dates (one time) or recurring. This two minutes video gives you a quick overview of how to set-up and manage a transfer.


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Manage My Money – Overview

The North Brookfield Savings Bank Online Banking Manage My Money tab allows you get an overview of your financial status and manage your personal finances. Set savings goals, add budgets and set categories to each transaction to help you better organize your spending. Watch this video to get started using the Manage My Money personal financial tool.


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Adding a Savings Goal

With the Savings Goals tool in your North Brookfield Savings Bank Online Banking account you can be in control of your savings by adding and managing your saving goal. Under the Manage My Money tab, you can set savings goals for specific accounts. Name the goals, choose the account associated, set your goal amount and set a start and end date to keep you motivated. View progress of your goal from your Manage My Money overview page. Watch this video to get started saving!


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Tracking Your Spending

With North Brookfield Savings Bank’s Online Banking, through the Manage My Money tab, you can view an overview that includes visual charts of your progress on budgets, savings goals and balances. View your income statement and track your spending to see more clearly where your money is going. Watch this quick and helpful video to use Online Banking to better track all of your finances.


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Creating a Budget

By watching this 1 minute video you can learn more about the budget module and take control of your financial goals. To add and manage your budgets, visit your Manage My Money tab within your North Brookfield Savings Bank Online Banking account. Here you will be able to set a budget and create a plan to reach your personal financial goals. Track your progress online when it is convenient for you.


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Adding a Category

Within your North Brookfield Savings Bank Online Banking account, the category section under the Manage My Money tab helps you to organize your spending by adding categories for each transaction, such as rent, clothes, gas, and dining out. An extensive list of established income and expense categories are available to help you get started but you can also create custom categories to fit your needs. Watch this quick video to learn how to categorize your transactions.