Switch Kit

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1. Open A North Brookfield Savings Bank Checking Account.

You can view our Checking Accounts online now or let your personal banker at North Brookfield Savings Bank help you decide which account best fits your needs. You can open a North Brookfield Savings Bank Checking Account at any of our convenient branch locations or you can apply online.

Have more questions? Feel free to call us Toll Free at 866-711-6272, visit one of our convenient branch locations, or email us for more information.


2. Close Your Old Account.

Prior to closing your old account, be sure to leave in enough money to cover any outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals. Once all charges have been paid, ask your previous bank to send your remaining balance(s) to you or your new NBSB Checking Account. Then, destroy your old checks, ATM cards, debit cards and deposit slips.

Just fill out the Notification of Account Closure in our Switch Kit and we’ll do the rest.


3. Switch Your Automatic Transactions.

Our forms can be used to notify companies that you’ve switched to North Brookfield Savings Bank. Just fill out the Notification of Automatic Withdrawal Change form in our easy to use Switch Kit, bring it to the North Brookfield Savings Bank nearest you and we’ll assist you through the notification process. We’ll even make copies for each applicable company for you to mail. Here are some examples of the kinds of companies that you may want to notify:

Direct Deposit – Companies or government agencies that regularly deposit funds into your checking account.

  • Your Employer
  • Your Pension Plan Administrator*
  • The Social Security Administration*

Automatic Withdrawals – Companies that regularly make electronic withdrawals from your checking account or automatically assess charges to your debit card.

  • Your Mortgage Company
  • Your Insurance Company
  • Your Telephone, Cable, Utility, Internet Provider or Health Club

* If you receive deposits other than payroll direct deposit- such as retirement or Social Security payments- contact the depositor for instructions on changing these deposits to your new NBSB Checking Account.

Welcome to North Brookfield Savings Bank!