Summer Pet Safety Tips

Follow these easy tips to keep your pet safe during your summer outings!


Sit. Stay. Pant:

Never leave your pet in a parked car. Even a quick trip into the store for milk and eggs can be fatal to your pet. Since cars are metal and filled with windows the heat naturally creates a greenhouse effect, where it becomes much hotter in the car than the outside temperature, very quickly. Consider shopping at a pet-friendly store or leaving Fido at home in the AC.

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Beach Days:

As much fun as beach days can be and summer is the perfect time, they are not the best choice of outing for your pet. Hours in the heat in addition to the salt water and sand can cause your pet to overheat and become irritated. It is important to remember that if your dog does swim in the ocean, they need a good rinse after.

That sand and salt act as a nuisance in the heat especially.  If you must bring your pet along with you, ensure there is plenty of clean drinking water and shade. It is crucial that your pet does not drink the ocean water. Salt Water can lead to dehydration faster than no water at all! Always remember that sand, just like pavement can become scalding after hours in the sun. Consider that your furry friend does not have flip flops to protect their puppy pads. For a safer alternative, consider a pool day, or even setting your pup up with a kiddie pool in your own yard, plenty of shade and close to home. Cape beach Dog offers some great beach tip for you and your pup, Safety Tips for Dogs at the Beach – capebeachdog.

Time for a haircut:

Nothing worse than your hair in your face and sticking to you when the heat rolls in. Remember, your pet is struggling with this too, especially if you are outside a lot. Although this is not true of every dog, getting a nice trim, keeping it about an inch long can bring much needed relief to your pet in these warmer months, and its much easier to find Pesky ticks in that shorter coat.

You can find reviews on groomers in your area on Yelp, Best Pet Grooming Near Me – June 2021: Find Nearby Pet Grooming Reviews – Yelp.

Be smart about exercise:

Of course both you and your pet benefit from daily exercise. However, in these summer months it can be dreadfully hot by lunch time. Consider changing your routine to change that afternoon walk or trip to the park to be either early morning or early evening when the weather is more tolerable and not at its worst. Animals are more susceptible to adverse effects from the heat than people are. Do your friend a favor and bring them inside as is starts to get uncomfortably warm.

Keep your cool:

If you plan to be outside with your pet in this weather, be smart about it. A cool, shady place to rest in clean grass with no treatments or pesticides with access to cold, clean water will keep your pet in good shape while you are working in the yard, reading a book, or just enjoying the summer weather. Consider filling the pet’s bowl with ice cubes to keep that water cooler, longer.

Watch your step:

We have all done it, that mad dash from the car to the house or in from the yard, barefoot! We always instantly regret it and usually once your past the point of no return. But keep in mind, your pet may not know any better. When it is 75 degrees outside the pavement, sidewalk or driveway can quickly reach 125! At that temperature it wont take long to burn your dog’s pads and cause serious damage.

Remember about insects and pesticides:

We all know how annoying those pesky insects can be when we are trying to enjoy a summer day or night, but remember that your pet is just as annoyed, but unfortunately less prepared. Our furry friends cannot simply swat a hornet away like we can. It is important to keep your dog safe by keeping a close eye on them, and maybe even consider finding a solution at your local pet store in the form of a natural spray or essential oil to keep those troublesome insects off your pet this summer.

Spring and Summer are key times for everyone to work on their lawns and gardens. Remember that many homeowners and renters alike use pesticides and insecticides on their lawn and areas around their home and near the sidewalk. Many times, these areas are marked with warning flags but sometimes they are not. Think twice before letting your dog wander onto the lawn of a stranger on your next trip around the block, especially if you have a pet who loves to eat grass or plants.