President’s Message


Donna L. Boulanger
President & Chief
Executive Officer

To Our Valued Customers and Community Members,

“Moving Forward” in our communities is the theme of this year’s Annual Report and within this report you will see many photos highlighting the families, businesses and communities that are the key to our success.

As the result of actions taken several years ago by NBSB, we are now well positioned for growth. We have maintained strong capital levels, have excellent quality loans and retain a management team that is able to focus on growth. We are building on our strong foundation and core values with a focus on our customers. We are “Moving Forward.”

NBSB experienced considerable growth in 2013 in spite of the slow economy, the challenge of continued low interest rates and an increasingly complex regulatory environment impacting most areas of banking. Both loans and deposits continue to grow, and we are increasing our market share by expanding existing relationships and acquiring new customers.

At NBSB our purpose is to assist our customers and our communities and to this end we supported more than 102 different charitable events and activities in 2013. In addition to this, our employees volunteered countless hours of their time working at community events.

As technology continues to provide new tools and resources, we have taken advantage of these to enhance our customers’ experience. In 2013, we updated our website to be simple to use, to reflect our community focus and to allow for the use of online applications for home mortgages and consumer loans. The commercial loan area also continues to grow and NBSB has been approved as a Small Business Administration Preferred Lender. This will allow us to expand our loan offerings and to provide a quick turnaround, as these loans are now approved by NBSB.

In 2014, we will be introducing a new online banking and bill payment system with exciting new features and an online account opening service. Of course, our staff will continue to be available to assist you at any of our branch locations. I am also pleased to inform you that the agreement of FamilyFirst Bank to merge with and into NBSB is moving forward and a closing should take place during the first half of 2014.

I would like to recognize the service of two outstanding Trustees, John J. Lane II and Stephen H. Howe. Their dedication to our Bank and the community are an exceptional example of what it means to be a community banker and good corporate citizen. They will be missed by many.

In closing, I would like to thank you, our customers, for your continued support and trust and our
Officers, Staff and Trustees for making 2013 another successful year.

Donna L. Boulanger
President & Chief Executive Officer




Officers and Corporation Members

Following is a list of our Officers and Corporation Members
of the North Brookfield Savings Bank as of May 13, 2014.

Roland A. Gauthier  
Donna L. Boulanger  

Margaret I. Carr

Patricia A. Ostrout  
Anthony J. Piermarini  
Patricia H. Sherman  
Donna M. Tiso  
Richard B. Egan, II  
Jay W. Jil  
Laurie A. Wisniewski  
Courtney Fitzmaurice  
Tammy M. Martin  
Tina Allen  
David Golden  
Tonya Laird  
Tammy M. Martin  
Alan R. Varnum  
Blaise P. Berthiaume
Gregory C. Kline
Elizabeth A. Martinelli
Jeffrey A. Spencer
Alan R. Varnum
Thomas C. Baker, III
Donna L. Boulanger
Roland A. Gauthier
Stephen H. Howe
Sara Hunt
John R.A. Lofgren
Thomas C. Baker, III
Blaise P. Berthiaume
Donna L. Boulanger
Roland A. Gauthier
Stephen H. Howe
Sara Hunt
Gregory C. Kline
John R. A. Lofgren
Elizabeth A. Martinelli
Lloyd A. Rice
Jeffrey A. Spencer
Alan R. Varnum
Arthur Allen, Jr.
Hudson R. Bennett
Harold R. Chesson, Jr.
Louis A. Petruzzi, Jr.
Robert E. Pillsbury
The Trustees and the following:
Mark H. Adams
Richard W. Barnes
Matthew C. Benvenuti
Matthew G. Benvenuti
Damien D. Berthiaume
Robert E. Bishop
Elaine J. Boone
Christine A. Buzzell
Roger J. Charpentier, Jr.
Harold R. Chesson, III
Agnes M. Davis
Kevin M. Donahue
Peter A. Dupell
Louis B. Grace
Wayne A. Granat
Richard F. Greene
William D. Herrick
Priscilla B. Howe
Brenda L. Howland
Jack Hulmes, Jr.
Robert E. Hunt
Joseph J. Jannette
June F. Klem
Robert A. LaFlamme
Andrew J. Leach, Sr.
Vincent J. Lucchesi
Ernest A. Messier, Jr.
John J. Milks
Scott W. Norrie
Jason L. Paquette
Richard M. Parsons
William L. Parsons
Louis A. Petruzzi Jr.
Robert E. Pillsbury
Edward G. Reed
James L. St. Amand
Nancy J. Salem
David E. Snay
Michael J. Toomey
Gene R. Varney
Richard W. Varney
Maureen R. Wesolaski
Louise W. Woodard
Theresa A. Cuddy John D. Krusell